Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Helleborus come to Havenwood

The darkest of our Helleborus orientalis in the Spring Garden.
Weeks after seeing pretty lenten rose blooms in UK gardens, our Pennsylvania garden has finally delivered a few blooms for us as well! Perhaps they are enjoyed more because of the increased anticipation?

These are always some of the most enjoyed spring flowers in our gardens, rising out around Easter time, sun or snow. The do well in sun or shade, wet or dry soils. Also providing semi-evergreen leaves, they are a staple in my garden schemes.

One of our most floriferous, Helleborus orientalis 'Carnival'
Light pink with dark-pink spots and clusters of anthers.
The most beautiful is this double magenta...
... and the most sunny is this yellow with a dark red interior. It matches even the daffodils in their brightness.
Here is our favorite early daffodil, Narcissus 'Topolino', for comparison.

Dark Helleborus orientalis
Once, Hellebores were only seen in specialty nurseries and gardens in the US. But they are increasing in popularity and so I just saw a pallet of Helleborus at a big box store just last week. Perhaps we will soon see them in more gardens in the coming years? We should, as they are wonderfully hardy plants for our tough climate.

Hope you are enjoying spring in your garden!


  1. You have some very lovely specimens especially Carnival!

  2. Oh, I haven't seen a double magenta before. I'll have to be on the lookout for one for my garden! Such a lovely selection you have.

  3. It must be wonderful seeing all your plants coming up in your new garden. Hellebores are such wonderful winter flowers, you have some lovely ones there and i'm sure they will increase year on year.

  4. The Hellebores they are late at your place, but worthwhile the waiting they look gorgeous.

  5. Oh, yes, I've had a love affair with Hellebores for quite some time. ;-) I think I have those first two that you show, or at least hybrids that look like those. Mine form buds in November or December and then hold the buds all winter under the leaf mulch and snow. I try not to rake away the leaves until mid-March, to give them a good long time with a mulch blanket. But they've been up now for about a month, and are at the peak of beauty ... just in time for three nights below 32! I probably wouldn't need to cover them at night, but I do ... because I love them so much. ;-) Your double magenta ones are especially lovely!

  6. Can a garden ever have too many hellebores :) You've a super collection and very reliable in the garden.

  7. They are beautiful Julie. I bought about 15 plants a couple of years ago. There were two big ones and then little seedlings. The seedlings did not make it, the 2 bigger ones did. I am still waiting for some blooms. Hopefully next year!


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