Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving & End of November Views

Havenwood house has some new exterior colors this month. We are giving them a try; what do you think?

Brilliant orange/reds of Berberis covered in clean, white snow.
A loose leaf salad kept safe from snow in the Potager.
A forest of snow-topped kale...
Snowy leeks surviving 7 degrees F (-14 C) in the Potager. These have been a favorite crop this year!

Our warm Thanksgiving meal yesterday with extended family. Leeks and parsley made it to the table this year, and our first little pumpkins decorated the dining room.

Pink punch from the Thanksgiving Cactus, Schlumbergera truncata, this month! (Read about the difference in Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti.)

Winter blooms from the Pelargonium on the kitchen sill.
Where did November go?!?

There was finishing the bulb planting (2,500!), the kids' school, beginning the courtyard garden, digging in the heavy clay of the veg beds to prepare them for the winter frost, taking down an old, dead tree near the driveway, stacking wood from said tree, painting and cleaning the basement (again), and preparing for guests & family. I think we are finally ready to settle in to a winter reverie.... :)

Many warm wishes to you as you anticipate the coming season of change in your own garden!

Linked to GBBD for November at May Dreams!


  1. Your colors are beautiful! That first shot of the house and falling snow belongs on a holiday greeting card. I'm glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. Glad you like the colors! It is always tough to get paint colors right...
      Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  2. Happy Thanks giving to you and your family Julie. I like the new colours.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love the cactus. I have a white one and a pink one..both are starting to bloom. So pretty! And so easy to propagate too! Thanks for sharing Julie and have a great one!

  4. Thank you, Julie, for giving us a peek at your lovely home, garden, and family at this special time. Happy Holidays and hope you have a blessed Christmas. P. x

  5. Your Thanksgiving should have been lovely! Outside looks amazing! Snow is great! Greets!

  6. The first two shots are so beautiful..

  7. Hi, Julie!
    I'm late, sorry. I see you had a lot of snow and -14C! We still had no snow only sleet. I love your picture of gathered family around the table! What a treat to look at. Your Thanksgiving cacti is very pretty, I have no any.
    Your house is wonderful with snow flakes!

  8. Your garden and house look lovely in snow....wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


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