Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dreaming of Spring...

Tulipa 'Persian Pearl' from Gilmore Gardens in April 2013
Greetings to all of my winter weary friends!

I have been pretty busy in the past two month since we moved into our new home... lots of remodeling and decorating, unpacking things here and there, and working hard to get back in the swing with our homeschooling this January. We have four inches of snow outside still after having weathered two "polar vortexes" with temperatures down to -13 F (-25 C) and praying that some (any!) of my plants in pots will survive to see another season. Fortunately, I did not have time to pot up as many plants in the fall as I had thought I should for the move!

I am dreaming of spring after this long, cold winter... and starting to think about our new garden design.  Because of the latter, I have decided that now is the time to try out an online class that I have had my eye on for a couple of years. World famous garden designer John Brookes teaches a class about designing large gardens on the MyGardenSchool website that looks like a wonderful opportunity to spend more time being stretched about my design plans and testing out new ideas. I hope to share a bit my class experience here on WMG, as well as my resulting garden plan, which is our final class assignment.

Stay warm on this first day of February!


  1. Sounds like a plan and I'm sure you'll benefit greatly from it. You've had it bad stateside this year haven't you? I don't envy you one bit.
    It's possibly a good thing that you've had plenty to keep you busy meantime and it's now time to get concentrating on the garden.

  2. I do have the same dreams! Even had a same themed post lately - sort of crying out my yearn for spring. -25 'C must be unusual for you? These kind of temperatures are very common for our winters in Estonia but luckily it has been bit milder here this winer. Snow cover is rather poor and deeper frost could harm the plants on tender side.

    'Persian Perl' looks wonderful and is a good reminiscence of Spring!

  3. I can't wait to see what you come up with, I love what you did at your last home :)

  4. How wonderful to take a course with John Brookes! His book, The Book of Garden Design, is one I turn to frequently. I am excited that you are willing to share some of your class experience, and look forward to seeing the plan for your new garden. Your dreams of spring will come to fruition beautifully! P. x

  5. Gorgeous color. I'm thinking of spring too...and maybe planting some of that color.


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