Thursday, October 3, 2013

View of the Driveway Garden this morning...

October in the Driveway Garden at Gilmore Gardens.
While we were getting ready for homeschool this morning, I galnced out of the kitchen window. This pretty scene was perfectly lit by the morning sun. I thought I would share it with you today as well! :)

Native flat-topped aster and Elijah blue fescus grass.
Asters and ornamental grass all underplanted with the deep evergreen leaves of Phlox subulata.
A favorite fall flower: Aster 'Peter III'.
The morning light is just beautiful through Miscanthus 'Dixieland'
 Read more about our smallish gardens on our map.


  1. I love your asters, they're my favorite fall flower!

  2. It is lovely to catch sight of the a small angle of the garden unawares and realise just how beautiful it is. It is also good to enjoy what you have created, thank you, Julie for sharing it with us.

    1. So true, Christina! It is good to take time in this season & enjoy it before it is gone. Thanks for reading & your sweet comment!

  3. Your garden is looking so beautiful Julie. I can see why that aster is one of your favorites. The color is just stunning!

  4. Asters are looking so wonderful at this time of year, but the flowers on your grass, Miscanthus Dixieland are beautiful, such a lovely shade.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful. Especially your purple aster. It's not easy to plant aster here. Too hot maybe. Interesting blog. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous views...barely looks like autumn with all that green.

  7. I just planted a 'Peter III' and a 'Henry II.' I've tried them before without a lot of success, but the fact that I had one overwinter in a relatively small pot last year has given me the courage to try again! I love how the early morning sun lights up the colors this time of year. Right after sunrise, it looks as though the trees at the edge of my backyard are on fire!


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