Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Outing at the Park

Most of the colorful leaves of autumn have now fallen for the year, which is necessary of course in order for the earth to add all their nutrients to the soil once more. We were not hit hard in our area by hurricane Sandy, but we have had a constant rain. These photos are from a few weeks ago, when everything was still warmer and brighter.

Our small town contains a large public park within its borough limits. It even has a little circular garden on the hill, which is our favorite area to walk.  It is a beautiful place to visit in the autumn, and one that I like to photograph when I remember. Here are a few last colorful autumn photos for the season.

Autumn leaves & kids in the park
Autumn leaves in the park
Autumn leaves and a bench in the park

I sit on the bench at the bend in the trail
And I can feel in the fall the final exhale
The trees in the field all wring their hands 
and the leaves go by like a funeral band.
I say, "Come Back Soon."

~Excerpt from the song Come Back Soon by Andrew Peterson
(who is one of my favorite songwriters)

Autumn leaves and a rose in the park
Autumn leaves and a family in the park


  1. You live in a beautiful surrounding, this week we also had a lot of rain and wind and almost all leaves have fallen now. Great park also for the children.

  2. Thanks for the parting autumn shots. What a beautiful place! I'm glad to hear that you and your family are OK, and that your garden and house are fine. We, of course, are far from the East Coast here in Wisconsin, but we had strong, gusty winds and clouds from Sandy, believe it or not! That was one big storm. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  3. Looks like you you all had a fun time. Fall is so beautiful there, thanks for sharing. Christina

  4. I just love the shots of the Fall trees. So beautiful.

  5. So many leaves! How fun it must be to walk through all those leaves, gather them in your hands, jump on them in piles. And I love your thoughts about the earth renewing itself. So much to see in those leaves.

  6. How wonderful to have such a beautiful park...I so enjoyed the look into your autumn...ours is gone and cold, raw weather is here.

  7. Gorgeous! The green leaves really make the yellow and orange sparkle!

  8. You have just inspired plans to go for a walk in our arboretum today. So easy to forget this is what Sundays are all about.

  9. Thanks everyone! We are blessed with many wonderful parks and play areas in our town.... and to have so many fun autumn traditions to share with the kids.

    I hope you are all keeping warm today! I am pretty frozen and am waiting for some warmer weather to finish planting tulips - hopefully this week.

  10. beautiful photos Julie, it looks like you all had an enjoyable time, Frances


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