Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn Colors

Maple leaves coordinating with the mums at the local park this October.
Maple leaves coordinating with the mums at the local park this October.

Notes on autumn by Beth Chatto on October the 30th:
"On Sunday we woke to find the garden filled with heavy mist, but not at all cold, curiously warm. After breakfast we hurried to the Wood Garden to watch the sun draw aside the curtains of mist between the trees. It was quite breathtaking to stand in silence, waiting for a shaft of sunlight to suddenly spotlight fairy-like cobwebs, stretched across the pathways, hanging like lace bedspreads between tall fern fronds, threaded with glistening drops of water. Macleaya seed heads were wrapped like spools of yarn glistening with crystals, pale against a big evergreen magnolia. Quickly the mist cleared away, revealing rich autumn colours against a rare blue sky (p. 237)."
by Beth Chatto and Christopher Lloyd

Linked to Holley for her garden book review on the 20th of each month! Go to her blog to see a few more great garden reads!
Photo credit of Macleaya seed heads to Science Photo Library


  1. The maple leaves have beautiful colours and that book "Dear friend and gardener" I have in my little garden library. When I read the romantic October words, I took the book from the shelf to reread it again.

    1. I went looking for an autumn quote from Beth or Christopher and spent much longer than I intended reading through their wonderful letters! They are so enjoyable. I am glad to have instigated your own reading time :)

  2. I really need to get that book! I've heard of it, but haven't read it. Beautiful images and quote. The first image is stunning!

  3. Julie, it's true, fall is colorful from golden, yellow to silvery!

  4. I will have to look up this wonderful letter....your top photo is amazing and just captures autumn divinely!

  5. She writes with such wonderful imagery. I can imagine this book being a wonderful read. Thanks so much for joining in! I often think about these little delights - cobwebs, dewdrops, mist, and seed heads - that non-gardeners don't ever take the time to stop and see. They are missing so much!

  6. that's the challenge for us garden bloggers, isn't it? To learn to describe in words as well as images. Wonderful word-pictures, I didn't know BC was as good a writer as she is a gardener. Thanks for the review.


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