Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello Mr. Snapping Turtle

On a walk a few weeks ago, thought I spied a new lawn ornament near one of my neighbor's sidewalks - and then it looked at me. It's grey color just matched the concrete so perfectly. Such a large snapping turtle is so rare to see at all! Let alone right in the middle of a large neighborhood. There is a bit of wetland just around the corner, so perhaps he was trying for a relocation. 

In the time it took me to run home, grab the camera and the kids, he had crosses the street twice and was moving at quite a clip, for a turtle anyway. I thought you might enjoy seeing him too!
Well over a foot in length, as you can see how he compare to these large stepping stones.
His prehistoric tail fascinated me.
He was not too trilled about his admires, and soon climbed under the front bushes of this house.


  1. Hi Julie! Seems this turtle was the youngest brother of a dinosaur jugging of its tail!

  2. What a cool sighting! Indeed he does look very prehistoric. Great shots!

  3. Thanks for snapping some pictures. (I think my jokes are better than James's so I felt safe making that statement). How exciting!

  4. Those are some neat pictures, Julie!! The one next to the stepping stones really puts his size into perspective.. Very cool:)

  5. We sometimes get a visit as they move from one pond to another...I also think how much they remind me of the dinosaurs...what a treat!

  6. Wow turtles in your backyard, I only have slugs! You are so lucky! ( do you think turtles will eat slugs? If yes then I am definitely getting one!)


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