Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Map of Gilmore Gardens

I thought the readers of WMG might appreciate knowing that we now have a pretty little map of our place, complete with labeled gardens to help you make sense of it as a whole.

This will be located on the new "about the gardens" page under the header, which you may notice has also been spruced up for the new year. Thank you to my hubby!


  1. I love certainly put everything in perspective!

  2. Very cool! Would love to have a map like that of my garden!

  3. Ditto what Toni said! What design program did your hubby use to create this map?

    1. Google maps, screen capture and Photo Shop :) Not an easy process, but effective. He is a great support to me!

      We are working on getting accurate measurements for each garden and the lot.

      (Yeah for comment replies!)

  4. This is a nice reference. It is always nice to see everything as a gives me perspective.

  5. Love this Julie....been wanting to create something similar...thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. It certainly helps to put your garden into context. Great use of photoshop etc.I'm sure you could have done this yourself, Julie if you had the time...

  7. That looks very professional! A great project for the dead of winter when there isn't much to do (other than shovel snow) outside.


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