Monday, December 13, 2010

the garden in december


Enjoying the new season...

                  the clean, fresh snow...

the quiet renewal of what is hidden, dormant...

                       knowing that the green will rise again... 
                                          Spring will come.  

 Today... I need to take hold and be thankful for other small, beautiful moments in life...
  • hanging the gold christmas balls above the kitchen table 
  • ...while all three squeal about the ones on the floor
  • toddler masterpiece of tangled ornaments
  • trip to the post office accomplished
  • mail bound for South America
  • baby laughs
  • warm, dry place to run
  • garlands with lights and gold ribbon
  • The Parable of Joy and Scribbling in the Sand, both by Michael Card 
  • Jesus' delight in a party
"The feast, or party, is part of the foundation of Christianity.  Here at Cana, Jesus performs His first miracle, so it could be said that our faith, in a sense, began at a party.  Early in the history of the church, times of fellowship resembled parties, or love feasts... How could a group of Christians coming together not resemble a celebration? Even as the Christian faith began at a banquet, so it will come to completion at a wedding feast."                                                          From pg. 42 of Parable of Joy by Michael Card


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  1. Amen! :) I just finished Ann Voskamp's book...but have been reading her blog for a long time now. What a joy to keep finding thankfulness in all the gifts He gives! Baby laughs and arms full of sleeping baby have been often on my list in the past few months.


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