Thursday, November 24, 2011

Japanese Anemone Seed Fluffs

I was out taking pictures one morning this November and took these views of the Japanese anemone seeds in the Front Walk...
The seed heads of Japanese Anemone
Anemones with a maple leaf they caught on its way down
 Just a couple of hours later,  I happened to be chasing the kids around the house and found them all fluffed out in the sun...
All fluffed out in the sun a couple hours later
Fluffy seeds of Japanese Anemone
Of course, they were soon strew about the place as the kids went to work enjoying how their cotton-like seeds carry on the November wind.  And I over heard my little Anna, as she and her sister grasped clumps of fluff and gingerly tucked it into the nearby soil, "We are just like real gardeners, Grace!"

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Dear Julie, Lovely posting! I love that last picture. One of the many joys of gardening is 'growing' new gardeners. Happy Thanksgiving! P. x

  2. How wonderful is that...I love moving the fluffy seeds around...Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. How adorable! "Just like real gardeners"! Too cute. My granddaughter hates to have her lawn mowed, because then the dandelions are mown down, and as she says, "All the wishes are gone!" :)

  4. You really captured the Anemone seeds in all their glory! Beautiful photos and such great light! Thanks for all the comments on my blog, I am so appreciative!


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