Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hope Grows Day: April 2011

Thanks to Sweet Bean Gardening for the prompting of Hope Grows Day to write about the simple things in our lives that we can appreciate and enjoy...
               remembering glimmers of the great Hope.

Hope fulfilled: This week I will be sinking my hands into that rich compost! We will be getting our 3 yards of mushroom compost to make a beautiful backdrop and food for our gardens.  And it is the best of spring workouts too!

This photo, from last year, shows the excitement and eagerness with which my garden crew goes to work!

Hope for next month:

That I will be smelling those amazing grape-scented Iris pallida variegata again as I walk down the Shade Path.


  1. What an enthusiastic and cute garden crew you have! Compost - only gardeners (and I guess garden crews) get excited about that, but I completely understand your joy. I hope you will be smelling that sweet iris next month, too.

  2. What are those beautiful blue flowers planted around your iris? They look so well together.

  3. Holley, They are the cutest ever, aren't they?!

    Val, Those pretty little blue flowers are forget-me-nots. They do go so well with the iris, hostas and the tiny purple ones on the lower left are bell flower (Campanula).

  4. I love your forget-me-nots, Julie!! I am so excited for ours to start coming up!

  5. Julie the compost sounds amazing and I love the iris garden with the forget-me-nots..gorgeous...

  6. You have some adorable garden helpers! I bet they have a great time playing in that compost! Love your iris with its variegated leaves. It looks great together with the hosta!

  7. I did not realize that Iris pallida grows in the shade. How shady is it? Could you leave me a message on Blotanical about this? thanks, Carolyn

  8. I love you compost helpers! :) :) :) too cute.

  9. I love a fragrant garden! I'm smelling Jasmine in mine right now.


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