Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Drippy Daffodils

...or "Damp Daffs" for our British friends.
    Here is how to have fun on a rainy day with magnifying filters...
                                 ...concentrate on the rain drops
    ...wait until you gain focus

                                ...and remember a rug to sit upon! 
     Narcissus 'Jenny' in the Driveway Garden this week.


  1. Wow, beautiful picture! I love the close-up of a raindrop with the reflection in it. I guess I need to learn about magnifying filters next :). You did a great job with them.

  2. absolutely gorgeous and I will need the rug or something...brilliant idea although my neighbors already think I am crazy laying on the ground in dry weather..this will put them over the edge to see me sitting in the rain to take pictures...

  3. Superb photos! I love to take photos after the rain, with water droplets on them make them looking so fresh!

  4. Even though the rain ruins some blooms, raindrops are so pretty in pictures. Lovely.

  5. Beautiful photos. Please send us some rain !!! The UK has had a drought for over a month now and the flowers are fading too fast.

  6. Lovely pictures, Julie:)
    I was out just a few weeks ago taking pictures (or attempting to) of rain drops on plants.

  7. Julie, I love the raindrops! They're like little gazing balls! I never thought to focus on them. Hope you dry out a little, soon. We're having record snowfall and rainfall here in Utah. We will be facing a lot of flooding when the weather finally warms up.

  8. Your beautiful photos prove that things can be beautiful even in the rain.

  9. It is great that you took some time to experiment with your camera--something I need to do. Water drops are beautiful.


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