Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter scenes at Havenwood

Primrose blooming in the snow on New Years Day
Hello friend!

I have missed sharing here on WMG recently!  I have been able to Instagram, which has become a form of mini-blogging for me. You are welcome to check in with me there anytime to see what is starting to bloom around Havenwood, or just what we are up to. I am hoping to continue to share some of our big changes and achievements in our garden here in more detail this year.

In the past few months we have been working hard at new homeschooling ventures, staying warm and celebrating the seasons with our little family and friends. We have hosted poetry nights, sewing nights and music nights. Winter makes for a great time to catch up on the hospitality & entertaining before we launch into another gardening season!

Boxwoods snuggled in for the cold weather.
Snowy courtyard...
Iron railing lined with snow...
Snowdrops in January! :)

If you are signed-up for Fine Gardening's "Garden Photo of the Day", then you have seen a few of our Havenwood flowers already this winter. :)
There are a few exciting surprises coming up this spring for me, so am looking forward to sharing those soon. :)

Warm thoughts of spring to you!

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