Friday, February 24, 2012

Have you been messy yet today?

All the best things in life are messy!
The longer I live, the more I see it:

Eating warm chocolate chip cookies...

stomping in mud puddles...

babies... oh, so cute, but definitely messy...

fresh new paint...

And the messiest of all just might be gardening!

What else can get me covered in mud from my knees down in ten minutes, keep me out clipping plants in the rain for an hour, or contrive to lure my hands into gooey mud while strolling around the house?

I love it. And today I am dreaming about it being warm enough to garden in the rain again...


  1. Love this - and the kids are so beautiful!

    I was thinking about this very same topic yesterday as I was scraping the mud off and from inside my Blundstones, vacuuming drywall dust for the 100th time and polishing away greasy little fingerprints. Mess is really a mark of a well lived life isn't it : )

    Beautiful post, mess and all, made me smile : )

  2. I wish to be messy and have dirt all over my face...way too cold still here..soon those boots and have the right idea :)

  3. Your boots are so cute! :) It's raining here today, but not warm enough for gardening, for sure. We are being messy inside by playing in rainbow rice instead.

  4. What a wonderful posting. The carefree abandon of children, and well adults too. LOL! I adore the picture of them in the rain. So sweet.

  5. So true! I've been outside using sand for a pathway, and I came in with a fine coating all over me. I wondered the same thing - "why do I love this so"? Not sure why, but I do! Love the pic of children stomping in the puddles. Adorable!

  6. What fun, jumping in puddles!!!Children can enjoy themselves no matter what the weather, we could learn a lot from them! Super photos.

  7. I love the shot of the kids stomping in the rain! I think playing in the dirt is a grown ups excuse to get dirty! What lovely thoughts you shared!

  8. There is something about young children jumping in puddles which is so delightful.

    I have been very messy today - spreading bark mulch and also spent hops on the veg beds. The hops had been fermenting in a bag so it was heady stuff

  9. I think we are all dreaming of spring and warm day with our hands in the soil. Christina

  10. Julie a lovely post, love all the blue........... and the puddle jumping, glad I'm not alone gardening in the rain, Frances

  11. Nope can't say I've been messy today - it's going to happen some day very soon though when I get back to digging out my new pond. I'm a rain gardener too. What lovely images here, Julie :-)


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