Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Phipps Conservatory's Christmas Flower Show

Christmas in the Broderie Room
Our family made the trip to Pittsburgh, PA a couple weekends ago to see Phipps Conservatory's Christmas Flower Show, and I thought you all might like a glimpse. The first two photos are from their most formal room, the Broderie Room.

The entrance, know as Palm Court:
My smiley boy by the large tree in the entrance court
Tons of poinsettias and amaryllis, here edged in famous Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'
The girls could not resist stealing a whiff
a nice display of succulents around picture frames
Their theme this year is the Nutcracker, as they are working in concert with the Pittsburgh Ballet
The Serpentine Room:
The dozen Christmas trees in the Serpentine Room were bedecked in blazing colors
Nice to see some pansies
This pretty pot stars white Hydrangea 'Starburst', which is so fetching, with red coleus and polka dot plants filling it out.
The Sunken Garden:
Often my favorite of all the rooms, I was a bit disappointed with the display as a whole this year. I love the blue carpeting under the fountains, but the tropical reds and oranges with it are a bit much for me. 

The main fountains were dry this season
Bromeliads as Christmas trees; two of these flanked the main room
Bromeliads planted into metal frames
Is that a chartreuse philodendron?
Looking back to the main fountain area
This makes me think of a spring woodland, but with some poinsettias added in.
White orchids, asparagus ferns and ivy in the main fountain
This is my favorite striped amaryllis; a great combination with the white poinsettia and red polka dot plant.
Another great amaryllis with a variegated poinsettia
Yes, my favorite again. Name anyone?
The East Room:
The design of this room was quite befitting of its theme for the season; very playful and colorful.

Gingerbread house by the stream in the East Room.
These interesting bromeliads lined the front path.
Broeliad Aechema 'Blue Tango'
They looked even better in the planters outside of the East Room with the blue hydrangeas and white amaryllis.
The Desert Room:
A little bit of Christmas in the Desert Room.
I really liked this arrangement. Poinsettias are native to Mexico.
South Conservatory:
This is the room the kids enjoyed the most... three guesses why...

Not the planter, though I really liked it.
Yes, the Christmas trains of course.
They are mesmerizing, I admit.

And what gardener could resist with so many cute plant specimens on display?
Traveling through the miniature pine forest.
And just as we were leaving, some bells for the season.
Hope you enjoyed your quick tour... and that you are able to enjoy some rest and blooms this week also!


  1. Magnifique ! merry christmas..

    Tank you for this wonderfull blog

  2. Wow! I can't say which is my favorite - all the photos are fabulous! But the bromeliads are such a wonderful deviation to the usual, I really enjoyed the way they incorporated them into a holiday theme. Sweet pictures of your adorable children.

  3. What a wonderful post. I think I lost track of the time, mesmerized by each photo. You little ones are adorable. The miniature train/town is amazing. I think my favorite photo was of the cone-shaped topiary of succulents. I could do that! :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. So much festive inspiration! I love all the trees made out of different plant mediums! Thanks for sharing your visit! Happy holidays!

  5. Dear Julie, What a treat during the gray days of winter! Your children are the brightest flowers of all! Happy New Year! P. x

  6. Julie what a gorgeous display...I could even hear the bells..I so want to visit a display like this during the holidays...on the list...BTW I love the list of gardens you want to visit..I have many on my list too...thx for this lovely treat of blooms in my gray and brown garden...

  7. These are some fun, beautiful pictures, Julie:)
    Thanks for giving us a virtual tour!

  8. Great images, thanks for sharing some fabulous planting. Happy new year and good gardening for 2012. Thanks also for sharing your garden this year, I've so enjoyed the contact with such a great gardener, I feel like we're friends. Christina

  9. how wonderful and beautiful, esspecially nice are the pics of the kids.
    Thank you for sharing with us, how festive.
    Elaine Sharrad


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