Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gilmore Gardens via Belgium...

Our old pink rose with Clematis 'Etoile Violette' woven throughout in June.

Thanks to Isabelle at A Little bit of Paradise for her feature of the combinations at Gilmore Gardens.  We share a lot of the same garden inspirations in Gertrude Jekyll and Christopher Lloyd.

She has some great combinations also... beautiful borders full of roses!
Go here to see them... and use the helpful translator in the left column if you have not brushed up on your French lately.


  1. Your photo is tantalizing; the color combination is perfect! Thanks for the link to Isabelle's blog. I am off to learn more about Gilmore gardens now.

  2. Hey Julie, do you speak French? Good thing gardening is a univeral language.

  3. Not at all... "but if I had learnt, I would be a true proficient"...a little Jane Austen quote for you, Ramona :)

    I am sure I would not be a true proficient, actually. Though I am a musician, I am terrible at languages. Not my gift at all. The translator is necessary for me! :)


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