Monday, January 17, 2011

Nursery Poems

   Here are some lines that began in my sleeplessness with my first child, which inspired me to try to write some more for the next two. What I love about them is somehow I was able to make them whimsical, contain part of what I loved about them as babies, but also speak a little tiny something about the big grown-up people they will be someday.

   To me, this an important part of mothering that not too many people talk about- the letting go.  Yes, hold them, love them, treasure them now! But also know that they were not meant to stay this way, but to grow as the Lord chooses.  He knows best, though it makes a mommy wonder how the world will keep spinning when they are gone. 

The kids never tiring of hearing "my poem about me"...

Little Grace
had a face
as sweet as apple pie.
She laughed and played o'er all the place
and grew up by and by.


Anna Rose,
a flower that grows
in the garden sweetly.
Give her some love
like that from Above
and she will bloom, 


Logan James, 
a strapping young lad
right from the beginning.
He set out to conquer the world one day
and brought it back, 


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