Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To "blog" or not to "blog"

This is a new beginning for me... one that I have wondered at for a while... wondered if I had "what it takes"... or even the desire... to write and put myself out for all to see... is it even worthwhile?  Would anyone care?

And in wondering this and gaining momentum and then promptly dismissing it, today I was confronted with thoughts and vision from ann about what it means to write and attempt to speak into the void of the internet... and that it usually is more of a step of faith to speak into the void that is in us first.

I still do not know... am still tentative.

But maybe I will try... even just a little.

But not anymore today...

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  1. I'm glad you're giving this a try. Either your pictures or your thoughts are worth sharing by themselves, let alone together. At the barest minimum, reading you at work encourages me.

    Love, "the other J. Witmer"


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